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We have both lace front wigs and acrylic wigs that we hire out on a weekly basis. All the wigs that we hire are stored unstyled, ready to be set and dressed to match individual requirements. We also have a vast range of facial hair available to hire to assist in the creation of any character.


Lace Fronted

Our lace front wigs are hand made with human hair and a fine lace to give a natural hairline and depth of hair. They are all made to measure so a wig fitting is ideal or we would need to be supplied with various measurements. (Please always book an appointment for a fitting).


Our acrylic wigs are made with acrylic hair and generally wefted across the back. We don’t need a wig fitting as they are elasticated at the back and generally suitable to fit all.


Our facial hair is hand made with Yak hair on fine lace. We have beards, moustaches and sides all to hire in various colours.

Our wig hire charges vary, please see the price guide below.

Please feel free to call or email us to discuss your wig rental requirements and to get an accurate quote.

Price Guide


  • Lace wig hire £65.00 p.wk

  • Acrylic wig hire £35.00 p.wk

  • Acrylic wig to purchase from £65.00

  • Lace fronted acrylic wig hire £50.00 p.wk

  • Tribute Wigs from £125

  • Legal wig hire £70 p.wk

  • Toupee £30.00 p.wk

  • Tie backs £40.00 p.wk

  • Cage wigs £75.00 p.wk

  • Switches/Clusters £20 p.wk

  • Backfalls £35 p.wk

  • Wig blocks £5.00 p.wk


  • Full beard £55.00 p.wk

  • Moustache £20.00 p.wk

  • Sides burns £35.00 p.wk

Setting and dressing charges range between £15 and £55, this will be dependent upon the style. Anything more elaborate will need to be discussed.

Switches, pieces and back falls are also available to hire at various costs.

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