UKMUA Flairosol Bottle 

The Flairosol Fine Mist Spray Bottle is a breakthrough in every respect. Whether it's the ergonomic handle that matches the curvature of the hand - allowing speedy stylists to work faster than ever - or spray mechanism itself, everything is cutting edge. 

  • Empty spray bottle

  • Sprays a fine continous mist

  • Works upside down

The Flairosol empty bottle is a a real time saving convenient addition to any Hair & Make Up Artists Kit!


Key Features:

Designed to be filled with your own liquids the ingenious, multi-patented, groundbreaking design delivers an amazingly fine, continuous mist of product.

Incredibly functional it can cover large areas very quickly, evenly and effectively spraying from all angles and utilising every drop with a long continuous, uninterrupted super fine mist.

The uses are endless, from false tan to water sprays for hair or body, whatever you need to spray, this is your answer.

Sprays a fine continuous mist even upside down at a 360 degree angle.

The bottle opens in a similar way to a medicine bottle: hold it steady on a flat surface, push down the lid and turn it anti clockwise.

300ml. capacity, available with a black or white Flairosol handle.

UKMUA Flairosol Bottle 300ml


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